Mark S. Eagle – Working With Difficult People

Whether you work for a large organization with thousands of people or you are self-employed, you cannot avoid working with difficult people. They are all around you. You cannot control all the people you need to work with, but you can learn a variety of techniques to make these day-to-day challenges easier.
This Knowledge Pill will explore different business relationships, help you discover some of the varied personality types you will encounter and most of all provide hints you can use immediately. You will realize your workplace is not unique and will learn to be more effective, happier and therefore more successful in your career.

Mr. Eagle has a Bachelor of Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) specializing in Computer Science and Industrial Psychology and has combined these diverse fields in his business career. He resides in Denver Colorado. Mark can be reached at

About the Knowledge Pills Series: Same as the corporate intranet KP courses, KP ebooks are designed to provide a subject matter introduction or refreshment within 15 minutes or a coffee break, broken into few chapters and a quiz. Written by experts in the field, it is a brief and capable guideline. The focus is not just to explain „how something works“, but to reposition the subject matter in today’s world. The objective is to understand the principles, rather than to memorise the facts.

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